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Since 2008, Bridle Creek Farm has been home to several world class riders and events. The facility has been the winter home-base for Boyd & Silva Martin, Lillian Heard, Caitlin Silliman and Megan Perry, until the decision was made in late spring 2017 to put the property on the market.

Additional athletes who have trained here at varying events and clinics represent the top riders in the industry; Phillip Dutton, Will Coleman, Jan Byyny, Will Faudree, Doug Payne, Clark Montgomery, Jennie Brannigan, Lynn Symansky, Ryan Wood, Becky Holder, Colleen Loach, Allison Springer, Erin Sylvester, Kate Chadderton, Peter Barry and Melisa Hunsberger, etc.

Bridle Creek Farm has also hosted numerous clinics and training sessions with the following world class riders and instructors: 

George Morris
Michael Barisone
Captain Mark Phillips
Bettina Hoy
Lauren Hough
Marilyn Payne
Boyd & Silva Martin
Eric Smiley 


Bridle Creek Farm is located in Aiken, South Carolina in the Bridle Creek equestrian community, adjacent and within walking distance to the winter training facilities of Phillip and Evie Dutton, Ryan Wood, Doug Payne and former USA assistant team veterinarian, Kevin Keane.

The farm backs to miles of trails and is within a half-hour drive of numerous competitions and other equestrian facilities including Stable View, Full Gallop, Bruce's Field, Paradise Farm, Jumping Branch Farm and Sporting Days Farm. The property is a two and a half hour drive to Tyron, NC, providing additional opportunities to compete and train.


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Main Barn
There are a total of 14 stalls with the ability to easily add eight more for a nominal cost. The Karl Splan designed center isle barn creates a stress free and safe environment for the horses and the layout minimizes stable management time. The main barn contains nine twelve-by-twelve stalls which are solidly built with double walls between the stalls and grills for ventilation and visibility. There is also a privacy barrier where the feed buckets are located to reduce tension between neighbors at feeding times. All walls are tongue and groove, the center isle is cement covered with joined rubber mats.

Barn 2
Located in a large paddock and close to the barn, this custom built shed row barn has hardy plank on the outside and oak on the inside contains three 12' x 12' matted stalls. This barn has Dutch doors and excellent ventilation. There is also an eight foot overhang (matted) creating flexibility to use the structure as a run in shed as well.

Run-In Sheds
There are two run-in sheds that serve as turn out shelter and have additional stalls. Shed 1 is 30' x 36' and serves two paddocks. The exterior is hardy plank with an oak interior. It has four Dutch doors and currently contains two 12'x15' stalls. This structure was designed to be converted into a barn and could easily be built-out with four additional stalls for a total of six. Shed 2 is 30' x 30' and serves two paddocks. The exterior is hardy plank with an oak interior. It has two Dutch doors. This structure was designed to be converted into a barn and could easily be built-out with four additional stalls.


There are thirteen four-board paddocks in immaculate repair, all with electric on top. Seven of the paddocks have no common fence lines and all paddocks can be viewed from the barn and dressage ring, while most can be seen from the grand prix jump ring and cross country course so that horses can be monitored at all times.


There are two rings both constructed by Brian Reidmuller, which were designed to comply with FEI competition regulations. The dressage ring is 88' by 220' with mirrors on one short side. It has two and one-half inches of rubber and washed stone sand footing over a firmly compacted four-inch stone base. The ring is irrigated and provides a surface which the equine athletes trust, encouraging better movement and more confidence while reducing the chance of an injury due to a miss-step.

The jump and dressage competition ring is 140' by 280' and has two and a half inches of rubber and stone sand footing over a fully compacted six inch stone base. This ring is also irrigated. Brian Reidmuller's ring building expertise has resulted in rings that drain almost instantaneously providing excellent footing during all but the most severe downpours.


This ten acre irrigated area was designed from inception by cross country jump and course designer Eric Bull, with guidance from top international event rider Boyd Martin. The land was prepared in painstaking detail being hand raked and leveled to provide the equine athlete with secure and predictable footing. The course is irrigated and has a second well to serve the sprinklers for the course and the grand prix jump ring.

The course presents numerous cross country questions for horses and riders at all levels of training. It introduces key elements for schooling cross-country, including a large water jump complex with an easy entry for the green horses and more difficult bank and mound options. There is also a sunken road with banks and a mound, a huge two level bank complex, ditches and numerous cross-country fences. Eric designed each feature to provide numerous lines for schooling and unlimited questions for beginner novice to advanced level event riders and horses.

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